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2020 News Featuring Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping!

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Aug 242020
[caption id="attachment_1515" align="alignleft" width="627"]TRAVELMAG feat. Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping TRAVELMAG feat. Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping in this article[/caption]

It is easy to miss when someone does an article mentioning us here at Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping.  We are doing this news post to not only make it easy to share but to bring you up to date on the articles mentioning the camp this season. Just click on below to see the articles!

TRAVELMAG is an international magazine that...

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Campground Owner Warns of Lame Duck Bill Rushed through MI Senate

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Nov 262018

Vince Rogala, Co-owner of Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping, is warning Michigan’s residents/tourists about a bill that he says threatens family-owned hospitality businesses in favor of franchise and large hotel owners.

“Sponsored by our Senator, Wayne Schmidt, Senate bill 703-707 is being rushed through a lame duck session to strengthen the so-called “Community Convention or Tourism Marking Act”, MCL 141.871, et seq. This law gives franchise/large hotel...

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Roy the Mackinaw Mill Creek Camp Turkey’s Story

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Nov 242018

Photo of wild turkeys Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping

Our campers may have noticed the absence of "Roy the camp turkey" this past summer.

Photo of Wild Turkey Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping

We thought that Thanksgiving would be a great time to update you on his story. First off we’d like to thank our campers for being kind to Roy and our local residents for watching out when he strayed too close to US-23.

Now for Roy’s story. Originally, a group (known as a "rafter") of turkeys that was hanging around the campground ostracized Roy. Roy had been injured....

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Feb 282018

The following video contains Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping's response to the TV 9&10 investigation into the Mackinaw Visitor's Bureau's unprecedented 1700% rate increase. Support us by sharing and contacting your local legistator (bills to strengthen the existing tourist bureau act are currently being reviewed in the Senate - these new bills do nothing to establish fairness or oversight).


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Feb 252018
[caption id="attachment_1131" align="alignleft" width="400"]Logo for Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping thanks the hundreds of news outlets that covered the story of the Visitor Bureau Fee Hike[/caption]

We are grateful to the hundreds of news outlets across the nation who ran our story about the Mackinaw Visitors Bureau's abusive and predatory rate increase on Mackinaws family owned and operated small campgrounds!  (click here to view it)

The battle to make the...

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The Cost of Camping May Increase In Michigan

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Feb 132018
[caption id="attachment_1082" align="alignright" width="450"]Infographic of 1700% membership fee increase. The Mackinaw Visitor's Bureau unfairly increased fees on Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping by 1700%.[/caption]

The cost of operating a campground and booking a campsite in Michigan will soar unless an alarming 1,700 percent membership fee increase is reversed on three Mackinaw City campgrounds.

Last November, the Mackinaw Area Visitors Bureau made a sudden, unannounced membership fee increase that...

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‘Alley Cat’ Rescued in time for Christmas

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Dec 202016

Season's Greetings from all of us at Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping!

In the late fall, after all our guests have gone, I often walk though the camp. Every year, it seems, I catch a glimpse of a beautiful house cat as it slips into the bushes.

Sometimes campers report a lost kitty, though many do not. If a lost cat stays in a certain area, we might be able to trap it. Yes, trap, as it seems that cats turn quite wiley and dare I say a bit "feral" very quickly. Sometimes, if a cat is seen near our maintenance shops, we'll put...

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Dec 182016

We were surprised and thrilled to see that the winning photo of the Pure Michigan Photo Contest was taken at Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping!

Congratulations to Michael Walsh and all the other fantastic runner ups! Don't know how anyone could choose, as all of the entries are wonderful!

Here is a run down of all of the top photos!  Congratulations to all the photographers and thank you for helping to share the beauty of Michigan! 


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Top RV Park for Foodies in Michigan

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Jul 162015
[caption id="attachment_914" align="aligncenter" width="672"]Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping is a top destination for foodies in MichiganMackinaw Mill Creek Camping has been named one of the top destinations for RV Foodies by MotorHome Magazine.[/caption]

We found ourselves scratching our heads when MotorHome magazine named us one of the top RV parks in the USA for "foodies." Then we realized, "yes, we are!"

A "foodie" is someone with a particular interest in food; a gourmet - so aren't we all "foodies?"

Local Foodies Favorite...

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How to Give Mackinaw Camping as a Christmas Gift

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Nov 292014
[caption id="attachment_893" align="alignleft" width="490"]Photo of Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping founders harvesting their Christmas Tree The Rogala boys with camp founder Rose Rogala harvest a family Christmas tree.[/caption]

Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping has a great holiday gift idea for those hard to shop for campers on your Christmas list - a gift certificate for camping!

Perfect for Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, retirement, graduation, you name it, a gift certificate for camping is a way to not only give a gift, but to also...

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