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Aug 062014

Grand Marshal on a Ford tractor at Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping's 50th Anniversary celebration parade. Copyright (©) 2014 Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping and Frank Rogala. All rights reserved.Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping celebrated it's 50th Anniversary on July 8th. We had a grand parade, led by two of the first camper's to ever visit the campground, horses, antique and one-of-a-kind vehicles as well as musical performances and presentations. We also had a wood carving demonstration, the Jack Pine Lumberjack Show and even more!

Photo of the Rogala family, circa 1964. Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping celebrates it's 50th Anniversary (1964-2014). Copyright (©) 2014 Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping and Frank Rogala. All rights reserved.If you weren't able to attend our 50th Anniversary celebration, you're in luck, because we made a video so you wouldn't miss a thing! As you will see, it was an unseasonably cool and blustery day for July, but that didn't stop hundreds of campers and participants from having a great time!

It was a bittersweet 50th Anniversary celebration. We all wished that Richard and Rose Rogala (our parents and founders of the campground) were here to experience the excitement and to meet all the campers, family and friends who came to help us mark the occasion!

50th Anniversary at Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping

Check out our video of the 50th Anniversary celebration.

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