Camp News » Reserve now for Labor Day and July 4th Weekend 2012

Reserve now for Labor Day and July 4th Weekend 2012

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Jan 152012
An early reservation is recommended for campers who want a camp site or cabin at Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping for July 4th and Labor Day 2012.  Many people travel with family and friends and getting sites for groups that are "close together" gets tough to do as the summer approaches. At this point we still have vacancies, however, folks to return annually for these weekends put their reservations in before they leave the camp each year. By the way, if you don't like seeing and being around lots of folks, don't camp here (or anywhere) on these holiday two weekends.  The communal summer experience of camping with a large group of other folks is something special that many people enjoy. If you are the type of person who desires a solitary camping experience, try us in May or early June, late August, September (not Labor Day weekend) or October and make sure to ask for a site away from other people.

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