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Mackinaw Mill Creek Camp Announces It’s New News Blog

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Jan 122012

The Rogala Family, builders, owners and operators of Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping announced the founding of a new News Blog for the park. Located at, the page will post information regarding upgrades, new features, notable events, local events and anything of general interest regarding the campground.

Currently, Frank Rogala, webmaster for (the camp's web page) has just completed a revamping of the slideshow demonstrating how the campground's Icopod was assembled.

The Icopod was designed for the homeless and disaster relief, but it could be so much more. Made of "temporary" materials, we have an Icopod that has lasted through 7 Michigan Winters and is still watertight and cozy.

We have been contacted by FEMA and CNN and members of our government's special forces regarding the Icopod that our campers can rent and learn about. Engineering, design and mathematics students all love seeing this real, "in the field" application of so many basic concepts. Time Magazine names the Icopod "The Invention of the Year" in 2002, yet no major organization has implemented their use. Millions of cold, drafty, tents are still purchased each year by relief organizations when a safe, warm, healthy and, if maintained, fairly permanent solution is here. Not to mention also has a similar design for an equally useful but cheaper and simpler Tek - Yurt.

Learn more about our Icopod Rental.

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