Camp News » Hundreds of News Outlets Cover Story of Mackinaw Visitors Bureau’s Outrageous Campground Fee Hike
Feb 252018
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Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping thanks the hundreds of news outlets that covered the story of the Visitor Bureau Fee Hike

We are grateful to the hundreds of news outlets across the nation who ran our story about the Mackinaw Visitors Bureau's abusive and predatory rate increase on Mackinaws family owned and operated small campgrounds!  (click here to view it)

The battle to make the Michigan Convention and Visitor Bureau fair and accountable has just begun.  We ask those so inclined to let their legislators know your thoughts on this!

We, and Mackinaw's other family owned and operated campgrounds are asking not to be overcharged - and to not be made invisible on our local Visitor Bureau site.

This partial list includes TV, radio, and print as well as online sources!

Wapakoneta Daily News
The Evening Leader
Poteau Daily News
Minster Community Post
The Antlers American
The Daily Press
The Punxsutawney Spirit
Kane Republican
1st Discount Brokerage
Townhall Finance
Franklin Credit Management Corporation
Benton Courier
Inyo Register
Malvern Daily Record
Mammoth Times
The Pilot News
The Morning News
Decatur Daily Democrat
The Post and Mail
Starkville Daily News
Daily Times Leader
Valley City Times-Record
Observer News Enterprise
Ridgway Record
Big Spring Herald
Great American Advisors
Tamar Securities
KARN News Radio 102.9 FM / 920 AM Little Rock, Arkansas
Penticton Herald
Kelowna Daily Courier California Gold Country
Sweetwater Reporter
Daily Herald
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Boston Herald
The Chronicle Journal
Borger News-Herald
Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel
Daily Penny Alerts
Fat Pitch Financials
AZ Central
CEO World News
World Net Daily
American Public Media
International Business Times
Star Tribune
Sign On San Diego
The Buffalo News
740 KVOR
Winslow, Evans & Crocker
Silicon Investor
Rockford Register Star
Dow Theory Letters
Value Investing News
Deer Park Tribune

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  1. Easy solution… Don’t join these associations… Associations are just in the business of making money for associations, and are typically run by people who failed at running a business and are simply opportunists… I ran 96 percent occupancy in 2017 without spending a single dollar on advertising or sales and marketing efforts, and don’t belong to any associations. They’re just not relevant in the 21st century… What’s next, advertising in yellow pages, another ridiculous waste of money.

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